JITO Business Network

What is Referral?

Referral is an introduction or a reference given by one person for another to the customer. 


Referral Marketing Platform is such where a group of people get together and announce their desire to solicit customers for the products or services and one or other group members help them to get the business. In return both of them i.e. the seller/service provider and the person who refers seller/service provider to the customer get benefit from the business, he is engaged in.

Various Referral Marketing Platforms:

There are various referral marketing platforms out of which BNI has been most successful international platform. Various other groups and communities have started their own platform for the benefit of their community members. This initiative is also started by JITO Goregaon, Mumbai and they are successfully running the group for more than two years. Similarly the Catholic community in Mumbai has also started a platform for their community. Various such platforms are in existence. The platform not only provides any opportunity to solicit and promote business amongst their groups but also trains the participants by trained experts to strongly market their products/service. It also increases the communication skill of the participant. The other elaborated benefits of this platform are good net working and heavily extended family.

This platform is not only used by young and upcoming businessmen, but also used professionals like Doctors, Chartered Accountants, advocates, etc. Corporate has found this platform to source good vendors and partners from the referral marketing groups. In Mumbai, many developers participated to market their properties and get excellent results.


Normally in one group of Referral Marketing only one person form each business segment is taken i.e. only one stationery supplier/Pipe manufacturer is taken. Normally the group size varies minimum 30 to 100 people.

The group meets regularly once a week or fortnightly for 2/3 hours. Each participant is required to speak for his product for two minutes. Once the participant makes the speech, the other member of group proposes to support them and once the business is transacted, it is recorded and the necessary financial benefits are shared.

Normally attendance is compulsory and the group meetings are very formal and disciplined both in terms of time and conduct.

How to become a member:

Join JBN Committee by filling the membership form (Link appended) and send it to JITO Office together with the cheque of requisite amount.

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